Massage Therapy



Massage has many benefits including:

Reduced stress

Reduced muscle tension and pain

Improved sleep

Better circulation and digestion

Relief of cramps

Restoration of muscular strength


Massage also complements your exercise program by enhancing the elimination of toxic wastes that accumulate during physical exercise.





Come and enjoy the shear pleasure of a health massage, with so many benefits!


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relax, restore, rejuvenate


Sue Beveridge is our qualified massage therapist! Since 2000, Sue is qualified in health massage with The New Zealand School of Clinical Massage.  Over the subsequent years she has continued to grow in her knowledge through further learning and working alongside other practitioners. During those years Sue has developed a very strong passion for overall health and wellness. Here's what she has to say about massage therapy:


I believe our bodies, given the right conditions, have an amazing ability to heal themselves of many ills. I also believes massage can help create those optimal conditions.


As we progress through life we experience many things, and our bodies tend to keep a record of our highs, lows, illnesses and injuries. Massage is very much a part of allowing our mind, body and soul to be released from the ill effects of these experiences and be the best they can be.


All massage techniques I use are non-aggressive and non-invasive. I also use a natural beeswax based formulation for all massage. The Tui Bee Balm wax range is available for purchase, please ask if interested in these products.



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