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I’m a mum of two and moved to Papamoa in 2012 from Sydney, Australia, with my family. Keeping fit has always been an important part of my life and it all began from a young age in the dance industry. I went on to study Performing Arts full time to pursue my dream of being a choreographer and enjoyed teaching dance for fitness.


As my fitness goals shifted more towards strength training and nutrition, I took on study to become a Personal Trainer as my motivation to help other women quickly became a natural progression and part of who I am – I am a nurturer by nature. My focus now, since having children of my own, is to pass on what I’ve learnt and experienced to other mums and females who are looking at a lifestyle change to improve their physical appearance and mental state. I want to make a difference in the lives of women by helping them recognise their own self-worth. So if any part of you seeks that change, then that’s what I’m here for.



What I can do for you

Goal planning and execution is one of my strengths. We will sit down and visually map out a realistic plan for you to follow, with regular check ins and ongoing support. You will be welcomed into my social media platforms, and connected with other like-minded women with similar goals.


Goal Setting                                                Weight-Loss

Building Muscle                                          HIIT (High Intensity Hit Training)

Dance Fitness Programs                          Healthy Mindset Development



Diploma in Performing Arts

Diploma in Fitness

First Aid Certificate


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Kelli Burnett Personal Trainer

E: bootyfitkiwimum@gmail.com

Ph: 022 304 2907

Social: @bootyfitkiwimum

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